Weaving chainmaille, one ring at a time

A few years ago my grandmother commented on how she'd love to have a sterling silver byzantine bracelet. For her birthday I had decided I would buy my first jump rings and learn to weave so I could make one for her. As a novice I got the wrong rings and had to settle with stainless steel instead after realizing silver was too high in cost for my budget. Flash forward a few years after I used my remaining steel to make my first stainless steel choker. All my friends loved it, and when they started talking about wanting collars of their own or for loved ones I wanted to help turn those wishes into a reality. Weaving metal is a beautiful art, and highly versatile with so many weaves available. It's become something I continue to grow my passion for as I continue expanding my knowledge on different metal types and weave structures to produce the art that I do. Nothing feels better than seeing people wear and admire my work. It is a true honor.

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